Mar 20, 2023

Film Financing Market is presented at MAFIZ

On March 15, Jordi Mendieta, co-founder of Film Financing Market together with Rafa Galdó, Norbert Llaràs and Ramon Vidal, presented this financing market for audiovisual projects at the Malaga Film Festival. The event took place at the Industry Club of the NH Hotel, the venue that MAFIZ, the festival’s industry area, made available to institutions, entities and companies for them to publicize their activities. After the presentation talk, Film Financing Market offered an exclusive cocktail for some 50 producers, businessmen and representatives of the audiovisual industry.

Additionally, Norbert Llaràs, also representing Film Financing Market, took part in the round table on international funds moderated by Isona Admetlla (World Cinema Fund Berlinale) and presented by Annabelle Aramburu (MAFIZ coordinator).