When and where will FFM be held? 

The third edition of FFM will be held ion October 9, 2024 within the Sitges Film Festival.

What are the bases of participation?

Check the full bases of participation here.

What kind of projects can participate?

All those audiovisual projects that comply with the rules.

What requirements must the projects meet?

National projects must have a budget of more than 1 million euros and a minimum of 60% of guaranteed financing.

Ibero-American projects, with minority Spanish participation, must have a minimum budget of 500,000 euros and guaranteed financing of 50%.

Projects must be in the development or production phase.

Once the participation bases have been accepted, it is a mandatory condition to register on the FFM website.

The registration fee per project is stablished in the bases.

What materials must be sent with the application?

Application form including: type of project, project title, genre, duration, language, V.O. and synopsis.
Background of the producer(s), director(s), scriptwriter(s) and executive producer(s).
Artistic team.
Itemized budget (ICAA model).
Production schedule.
Justified financing plan.
Commercialization and exploitation plan.

How and when can projects be registered?

Registration and sending of materials must be made through the professional area of our website.

Registration period: from May 1 to 31, 2024.

How does the selection process work?

All projects presented are reviewed to ensure compliance with the requirements established in the bases.

Eligible projects are subjected to an economic-financial analysis. These analyzes are carried out by independent experts, appointed based on their knowledge and experience. The experts prepare a report on each project that takes special account of its financial solvency, international projection and profitability.

The selected projects and their respective reports are presented to investors for their study and evaluation. During the market, one-to-one meetings between investors and producers take place.

What does FFM offer to investors?

FFM offers an environment of trust to investors by betting on the professionalization of the sector and the use of technological innovation, and by offering more data and more metrics for the development of profitability scenarios.

Investors receive the report on the selected projects, analyzed by a committee of professionals experts in production, distribution and finance. They also receive a second complementary report, based on the algorithm created by FFM with market data, to offer investors an estimate of the success of the project based on all the variables that make it up.

What private investment formulas are contemplated?

Through the tax benefits offered by Spain and its communities.
Through venture capital investment in each project.
Through new technologies applied to the financing of audiovisual projects.

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