Oct 27, 2022

Private investment in cinema as a business

On October 11, 2022, the Film Financing Market was presented within the framework of the Sitges Film Festival. The presentation consisted of talks and debate tables, and included the participation of experts in financing and technology who analysed the advantages of private investment in the production of audiovisual content.

To discuss Private investment in cinema as a business, we had Miguel Doria, partner in Arcano’s Asset & Capital Finance department; María Coronado, director of the cultural sector of Triodos Bank; Manuel Follía, specialist partner in banking and financial law at Cuatrecasas; and Luis Gosálbez, lawyer and managing partner of Metricson, who acted as moderator. At this table, the professionals tried to convey how professional investors invest by defining the concepts of risk and security in the tax investment instrument. They responded to the question: “What is the current legal framework that makes us feel comfortable when it comes to investing in cinema from a tax perspective?” Coronado commented on her experience in bank financing: “We have been financing the audiovisual industry for more than ten years, the defaulting ratio is less than 1% and, compared to other sectors, it is one of the best.”