Oct 8, 2023

These are the projects selected in our 1st edition

A total of 13 projects will participate in the first edition of Film Financing Market, which will take place next October 10 and 11, within the framework of the Sitges Film Festival.

These projects, all of them with a budget of more than one million euros and with 70% of the financing guaranteed (50% in the case of international co-productions), will have the opportunity to find complementary financing in one-to-one meetings on Oct 11th between its producers and  the financial entities that collaborate with the market.

This is the complete list of selected projects:

Lo carga el diablo– A comedy by Guillermo Polo, an international co-production of Japonica Films.

Campamento Garra de Oso – Adventure feature film for all audiences by Set Màgic Audiovisual directed by Laura Mañà.

Caballé – Biopic about Montserrat Caballé directed by Alexis Morante, an international co-production by Set Màgic Audiovisual.

Each of us – The story of four women in the Nazi concentration camp of Ravensbrück directed by four female directors (Neus Ballús, Anne Zohra Berrached, Anna Jadowska and Stina Werenfels), an international co-production by Alhena Production.

Valenciana – Film adaptation by Jordi Núñez of the play of the same name by Jordi Casanovas about Valencia in the 90s, produced by Pegatum Transmedia.

Rock Bottom – First animated feature film for adults by Maria Trénor inspired by the life and music of Robert Wyatt, an international co-production by Alba Sotorra.

Norbert – Animated feature film directed by José Corral Llorente, an international co-production of Captain Spider.

La cançó de la Sima – Second feature film by Afghan filmmaker Roya Sadat set in Afghanistan before the outbreak of the civil war, an international co-production by Alba Sotorra.

Mala Persona – A comedy by Fer García Ruiz with Arturo Valls, Malena Alterio and José Corbacho, international co-production of Rodar y Rodar.

L’àvia i el foraster – First feature film by Valencian Sergi Miralles co-produced by Aire de Cinema.

Llobàs – Feature film by Pau Calpe Rufat that recreates the myth of the werewolf with Maria Rodríguez and Pol López, a co-production of Galápagos Media.

La invasió dels bàrbars – Film adaptation of the play of the same name by Chema Cardeña set during the Spanish Civil War directed by Vicent Monsonís, a Stanbrook co-production.

Una ballena – New film by Basque director Pablo Hernando with Ingrid García-Jonsson and Ramón Barea co-produced by Señor y Señora.